This isn’t Little Mix related, but are there others who also think Lana del Rey’s new album is pretty…disappointing..?

Untitled #686 by lapolie featuring knee high socks

Monki shirts top, $40 / River Island round top, $14 / H&M shorts, $34 / Boohoo knee high socks / High heel booties, $59 / Black velvet choker necklace
Untitled #685 by lapolie featuring disney shirts

Essentials for Jade’s style, I hope you like it!

xxx Eva

Topshop top / Topshop top / White shirt, $31 / River Island t shirt, $27 / River Island top, $27 / Topshop polyester shirt / Disney shirt, $27 / River Island top, $25 / River Island black vest, $10 / Topshop blazer / Red jacket, $42 / Parisian white jacket, $39 / Topshop jeans / River Island jeans, $68 / River Island cropped jeans, $68 / River Island pants, $68 / River Island activewear pants, $54 / Monki shorts, $40 / H&M low rise jeans, $51 / H&M boyfriend jeans, $51 / H&M boyfriend jeans, $51 / H&M denim shorts, $34 / Forever 21 shorts / H&M activewear pants, $25 / Dr. Martens ankle boots / NIKE black shoes / Timberland leather boots, $270 / River Island strappy sandals, $85
— Anonymous: hi can you do little mix inspired with a red and black plaid cardigan. Thank you!!

hi! could me maybe link me to one, i can’t really find one on polyvore


— Anonymous: Hi there hoping you could do a Perrie or Jade winter/spring inspired road trip outfit? thank you so much x

just posted some outfits, i hope you’ll like it


Untitled #684 by lapolie featuring a black purse

Perrie and Jade inspired for a winter road trip. I hope you like it!

xxx Eva

Topshop sweater / Topshop top / Topshop white sweater / River Island crew neck tee, $27 / Biker jacket / H M coat, $60 / Duster coat, $51 / Jeans, $65 / Topshop black skinny jeans / Topshop skinny jeans / H&M activewear pants, $26 / Dr. Martens blue boots / ASOS short boots / Forever 21 black booties / Topshop leather backpack / Topshop black purse / ASOS shoulder bag, $66 / Gold jewelry, $6.80 / Slouch beanie, $79
— Anonymous: Could you do some school style essentials ? Like basic things in order to get their style but still appropriate for school ? :)

hi! i can write a back to school guide, just like i did last year. yeah i’ll do that. it’ll be up soon


— Anonymous: I was wondering if you would be able to do an inspired for little mix wearing blue and black checkered tights, or if you cant that's cool :)

hi! i can’t really find tights like that on polyvore, but a black t-shirt dress, black heeled ankle boots, some stackable rings and a black shoulder bag would be nice. you can also wear it with a black skirts and a like a black tank top. i would stick with only one colour though, or else it might get too much.


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— Anonymous: Hi! How are you? Could you do one set of outfits for all the girls with a sleeveless denim jacket and another set of outfits for all the girls with a denim jacket with leather sleeves please?

hi! i posted some outfits yesterday and you can style the other jacket exactly the same way


Today, the government of the netherlands called upon a national day of mourning (It’s the first time a day like this is called upon since our queen passed away in 1962). 

A day to remember the deceased passengers on flight MH17. In their honour, I place this black ribbon on my blog.