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Anonymous asked: hi! could you make school outfits for perrie n jesy with a navy blue muscle tank? thank you so much!

just posted! I used two different shirts, I hope at least one of them is close to what you wanted. Let me know if you need something different. Hope you like it! Xx Liv

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Perrie&Jesy inspired for school with a navy blue muscle tank, enjoy :) Xx Liv

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heart1dvj asked: Hi! <3 how are you? Could you do Jade first date inspired outfits, please? Thank you :)) sorry for my english, i'm not speak it.

Hello! I’m good, thanks for asking. I just posted it, I’m so sorry it’s late I just started school so I’ve been a little stressed lately. I hope you like it! :) Xx Liv

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Jade inspired first date outfits, enjoy :) Xx Liv

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#Dress for Less #perrie edwards #formal #Semi Formal #spring

Dress for less inspired by Perrie’s going out look, enjoy :) Xx Liv

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Weird question, but was this blog once runned by a girl named Eva?

Yes it was! She decided she no longer wanted to run the blog, and gave it to me. Now I’m just trying to live up to her awesomeness :) Xx Liv

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So I’ve been gone for like 2 weeks so I thought I should give you guys an explanation why. I’ve been on vacation visiting family that I haven’t seen in 10 years (that’s a really freakin’ long time). I just started school two days ago so I’ve been busy. I won’t be able to post as much anymore but hopefully I’ll still be able to post at least once a day. Hope you guys understand.

Xx Liv

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unpredictablemove asked: Hiii :) How are you? Could you do Jesy inspired essentials for fall? That would be great :) Thank you so much :)

I’m wonderful (super excited for my trip to LA in 29 hours), thanks for asking :) also, just posted your request, I hope you like it! Xx Liv

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#little mix #little mix style #little mix fashion #jesy nelson #jesy nelson style #fall #essentials #fall essentials

Jesy inspired fall essentials, enjoy :) Xx Liv

(P.S I would also say a red flannel is essential to her fall style, but I didn’t have enough room, sorry)

Miss Selfridge black dress / Topshop black dress, $49 / River Island black dress, $25 / Topshop black shirt / Topshop long sleeve shirt, $44 / River Island black shirt, $17 / Boohoo flat top / Lois crop top / River Island black shirt, $30 / Topshop leather jacket / H M quilted jacket, $170 / Moto jacket, $32 / Topshop black legging / Topshop black skirt, $34 / Topshop pencil skirt, $30 / Topshop black shorts, $54 / River Island black skirt, $50 / River Island black legging, $42 / H&M black shorts, $34 / H&M denim shorts, $10 / H M black legging, $13 / Forever 21 knee socks / ASOS over the knee socks, $8.39 / Forever 21 knee socks / Leather shoes, $385 / Dr. Martens ankle booties / Topshop black pumps, $97 / River Island black sandals, $50 / River Island black pumps, $50 / Boohoo ankle boots / ASOS snake ring, $9.23 / ASOS ring, $13 / ASOS ring, $13 / Topshop slouchy beanie / ASOS knit hat, $5.87 / Wet Seal black hat
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#little mix #little mix style #little mix fashion #perrie edwards #jesy nelson #jade thirlwall #leigh anne pinnock #road trip #plane ride #spring #fall

Road trip inspired, enjoy :) Xx Liv

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